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Whilst researching and scoping primary cources of evidence on the establishment and dismantlement of Caribbean slave societies, I came across the Slave Rgisters (including Caribbean Slave Registers ((by country)). The good work of has made available online digitzed and indexed copies of most of the Slave Registers. Banyan invites comments on the reliability of Slave Registers and the methodological issues that use of the registers raise. EP tries to use a model which acknowledges that Africans in the Caribbean (Maroons and slaves of all classes) had different responses to attempts at enslavement.



Banyan's Wari pack an ancient and modern number, thinking, and strategy game.

Banyan's Wari pack met the EU EN71 Toy Safety Standard in June 2011; and building on this in September 2011 Banyan was accepted as a member of the British Toy and Hobby Association.  An important next quality step is to secure the "Lion kite mark".

All of these measures help to reassure customers that our product is safe and should help with our export strategy in promoting Wari as an ancient and modern number, thinking, and strategy game.

Banyan's Wari Master Class at Liverpool's Martime Museum.

Mr. Leslie Heslop at 86 years old gave a Wari master class to a visitor at Liverpool's Maritime Museum's 2011 Slavery Remembrance event on the 23rd August 2011.

07 Dec 2011

Sorrel (also known as "Hibiscus" and "Roselle") is harvested at Christmas time in Caribbean countries. Sorrel sepals are the main ingredients of this spicy Christmas, Jonkunu, Masquerade and festive drink.

For some Africans during the era of the establishment and dismantlement of plantation slavery Christmas - when plantation regimes were relaxed - was a good time to runaway. Planter newspapers from that era include advertisements for the return of runaway slaves.

Banyan's 2011 Christmas and New Year sorrel is made to a traditional recipe and includes grains of barley or rice to help fermentation. You add your own rum to taste!

Prices: (for 2011) £7 per bottle; and 2 bottles for £12.



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