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Whilst researching and scoping primary cources of evidence on the establishment and dismantlement

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Banyan's Wari pack an ancient and modern number, thinking, and strategy game. ... Read More


About Us

Eric Pemberton studied Theology and Education at Culham College, Abingdon (B. Ed. 1972 - 1976) and the religions of Africans (Maroons and Slaves of all classes) in the British Caribbean during the era of the establishment and dismantlement of plantation slavery at Brimingham University (M. Phil. 1986 - 1988). He is currently researching the religions of Africans (Maroons and slaves of all classes) for his Ph. D.

Banyan's brand - "Excellence in African, Diaspora, Caribbean and Black British Heritage Products and Services" - grew from my 35 years of teaching, learning, training and experiences in a range of contexts: schools, FE colleges, Universities, working with arts organisations, museums and in community settings.

Banyan Products: 

Calendars: 1807 - 2007  Abolition of the British slave trade 200th anniversary calendar.

Price: £10 plus handling and postage. Please go to the Shop page for details.

"Sorrel so divine!" Sorrel is a traditional Caribbean Christmas drink made from Hibiscus sepals. You add your own rum to taste.

Wari packs. Wari is an ancient and modern African, Diaspora, Caribbean, British number thinking and strategy game.

Price: £70 plus handling and postage. Please go to the Shop page for details.

Banyan Services:

Wari Master Classes and workshops: half day, whole day, half a term and After School Club, Easter and Summer holiday Play Schemes support.

Price: please go to the Shop page for details.

Aspects of Religious Education Support: class room support KS 1 to GCSE level for RE and RS; support for Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE).

Price: on application.

Autumn 2012 Southtern USA Civil Rights trail.

Price: £1500 Deposit required. Please go to the Shop page for details.

Selected commissions and publications:

Sandwell ACSU (1984) An introduction to history and the Caribbean. Sandwell LEA.

Pemberton E. and Sneath D. (1987) Caribbean Heritage: exhibition booklet. Leicestershire Museums.

Pemberton E. (1990) Computing West African and Caribbean histories. Statistical pack. East Birmingham College.

Sandwell SACRE (1992) Agreed Syllubus for Religious Education. Sandwell LEA.

Pemberton E. (1995) Wari rules of play first draft.

Pemberton E. (2000) "Caribbean slave religions." in The Black Theology Journal. Unviersity of Sheffield.

Pemberton E. (2002) "Song as social commentary. A history of West African songs from Griots to Gospel." A Black     Voices commission.

Pemberton E. (2003) First Civil Rights trail to the Southern USA.

Leicester SACRE (2004) Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Leicester LEA

                        (2004) Guidelines for teachers visiting places of Worship. Leicester LEA. 

Pemberton E. (2007) 1807 - 2007 Souvenir calendar marking the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade.

Banyan (2009) Company launch.

Banyan Wari Master Classes (2011) Liverpool's Maritme Museum. Slavery remembrance event: Wari master class.


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