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Whilst researching and scoping primary cources of evidence on the establishment and dismantlement

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Banyan's Wari pack an ancient and modern number, thinking, and strategy game. ... Read More



Banyan's brand brings excellent quality African and Caribbean products and services to the market place.

Drawing from the wells of traditional knowledge and culture, and using up to date technologies, Banyan trading responsibly, brings excellent products and services to local, national, and international attention.

Core values.


•    Strives to be well informed on all aspects of West African, Diaspora, Caribbean and Black British culture and

•    Encourages and models excellence and accuracy in teaching and training about the above areas, and in its

     products and services.
•    Nutures and supports black businesses which are socially responsible.
•    Works locally, nationally, and internationally with partner businesses and organisations.
•    Supports ethical business practices, green issues and takes appropriate steps to ensure that its business

     activities do not deliberately harm the environment.